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Louise Brown

Based in Lincolnshire, self taught artist Louise Brown happily admits to being “Bonkers about animals.” Louise is surrounded by countryside in rural Lincolnshire where she walks her dogs and enjoys the rural life and observing wildlife. She admits “my great love of animals is reflected in my artwork, and sometimes my paintings are slightly whimsical.”

It is the humorous and comical element of Louise’s artwork and the rapid loose layering of brushstrokes that give Louise’s paintings such a unique and endearing quality. Louise was originally a radiographer who, whilst having enjoyed creative pursuits as a pastime, had never painted with oils until she attended a local painting class and quickly realised her talent. When asked what her secret is in encapsulating the personality of the animals she paints Louise says. “it’s all in the eyes, if you haven’t got that you lose their character!” After attending a sculpting course her talent was quickly spotted and Louise is now working on a series of ceramics to complement her fantastic paintings.